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It's changed my life, it's changed the lives of other independent mums...are you ready to change yours too?

  • Videos

    You will receive a welcome video and four additional videos on a new theme each month. These videos can include teachings, top tips, activities, advice and more

  • Workbooks

    You will receive two on-theme workbooks each month. These include an activity workbook and a reflection workbook to reflect on your learning

  • Downloads

    You will receive a themed affirmation wallpaper for your laptop/phone

  • Live Online Group Training

    Each week there will be a live question and answer session in our exclusive members lounge where you can have your questions answered live with me

  • Exclusive Members Lounge

    You will have access to our exclusive lounge for additional trainings from me as well as meeting other members who are also independent mums living their happiest lives

  • Guest Experts

    In our exclusive members lounge, there will be guest expert training each month sharing even more life changing tools and techniques

Course curriculum

All of this at a super sleek + affordable price


  • How does the academy work?

    Every month, new content on a brand new subject is unlocked online for you to work through at your own pace and in your own time.

  • Is it the right programme for me?

    If you REALLY want to live your best life, this IS for you. Transformation isn't easy but nothing worth having comes easy. All you have to do is commit to working on yourself consistently and implementing the techniques and you will unlock your happiest life

  • What can I expect to learn?

    These 12 modules have been put together to help you more than I've ever helped anyone before. They're designed to completely transform your life + get you from where you are now to living your happiest life. You will be guided through fear, self love, confidence, letting go, resistance, resentment, self worth, acceptance, self awareness, alignment, energetic matching, productivity, time management, money management, abundance, happiness, motivation, goal setting, visualisation, success, core values, identity, pleasure, play, boundaries, forgiveness, sex, purpose, gratitude and so much more.

  • Do I have to stay the whole 12 months

    Not at all, you can cancel at any time without any additional charges. If you want a full life transformation, completing the twelve months is advised.

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